Roofwalk – Uppsala Slott

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Våra guider möter dig på utsatt tid vid entrén till slottstornet på Drottning Christinas väg 1A i Uppsala. Vi går upp till tornets makalösa kupol via det vackra trapphuset. I tornrummet kan du beundra de metertjocka slottsväggarna och det imponerande fackverket av tunga bjälkar från 1700-talet.

Här tar du på dig den personliga utrustningen som gör att du är säkrad under hela turen på taket, och får en säkerhetsgenomgång av guiden. Efter att ha genomfört provbanan inomhus så är det dags att ge sig ut på taket ovanpå Uppsala slott.



Roofwalk on the top of Uppsala castle

Welcome to Uppsala castle with its magnificent view and exciting history. The castle was originally built in 1549 and has been a landmark of Uppsala ever since. And now, you have the opportunity to walk on the castle roof!

During the walk a tour guide will tell you about the castle and its history, as well as about the city of Uppsala which stretches out beneath you.
How does it work?

Our tour guides will meet you at the agreed time at the entrance of the castle tower on Queen Christina’s road 1A in Uppsala. We then walk through the beautiful stairways up to the marvellous tower dome.

At the top of the tower you can admire the castle walls, which were built with a sturdy width of 1 meter, and the impressive truss structure of heavy beams from the 18th century. At this point you put on your personal security equipment that keeps you safe for the entire tour and you will receive a safety talk from the tour guide. After doing a test run inside, it’s time to get out onto the roof of Uppsala castle.

A hatch in the dome takes us out into the fresh air, and we start by gathering on the platform outside to take in the views and breathe the clean air. It can be a bit nerve-racking, but our skilled tour guides are always on hand to help everyone to feel safe. During the walk on the roof walkways you will always be fastened to the security system that goes all around the trail.

At points, we will sit down at a nice place on the roof to listen to the tour guide, to take pictures and to enjoy the amazing view of the city of Uppsala.
Who can participate?
To take part you need to be at least 140 cm (4ft 7”) tall and weigh a maximum of 120 kg (264 lbs). If you are under 18 you can still join but must be accompanied by your legal guardian. For some people the activity might not be suitable, for example if you have difficulties walking upstairs, suffer from a strong fear of heights or if you have a problem with dizziness and balance.
Kläder efter väder. Ta med regnkläder om det regnar. Tänk på att ha stabila skor, utan klackar.

Of course, everyone has to be sober. If you feel like you don’t want to enter the roof it’s okay to wait for the rest of the group in the tower, but this will still count as using your ticket.

Bring your camera but not your drone. It should be strapped to your wrist with a safety cord or something that make it safe to use.
We check the weather every day and if we make the decision it’s unsuitable for walking, because of lightning or storms, the walk will be cancelled. But if it comes to that, you’ll get a gift card to use at another time.
The activity takes about 90 minutes from start to finish, depending on the size of the group.

Group size
Maximum of 12 people
Safety information
Roofwalk tours AB has the best liability insurance to protect you in the unlikely event of injury. Our very capable tour guides have completed safety training to guide on roofs and are certified in CPR and first aid. The facilities are regularly inspected and we only use the very best in high quality equipment that has a CE-mark.